Thank you for considering St. Paul American School at Yantai, China. We are a vibrant community of learners who celebrates the history and culture of our resident country, China, while also honoring the rich traditions that each of our students' brings with them from their respective communities. We currently have students from China, Korea, Brazil, and America attending our school, but have also had the pleasure of speaking with families from many other parts of the world who have either graduated from our school or are currently considering enrolling here.
We accept new students at any time of the year. It is always easiest for students to transfer between years or at the semester point, but we would be happy to talk with you about what classes we have to offer your child and what it would be like for them even during the semester. As a small school, your child will fit in quickly and easily, making lifelong friends and learning in our American, standards based curriculum. We strive to provide our students with and education that will serve them well no matter which country they chose to go to college in.
Many of our students travel to America for summer classes and also to complete their senior year of high school. As a part of Nacel, we have over 150 High Schools in America that we can match our students with, and our staff is a combination of Western and Asian teachers that will prepare students for whichever path they chose as they move on to college.
I look forward to meeting you! Never hesitate to call me or send a note to me, we have people who can translate our communication with each other and I am happy to meet all of our parents and prospective students. Most of all, thank you for considering St Paul American School-Yantai!


Saint Paul American School students will demonstrate competence and excellence in the four pillars of Scholarship, Leadership, Character and Service in order to achieve personal and professional success in the global community.

Educational Target

To develop future leaders by motivating students to be competitive in an international environment. Students are challenged by a strong U.S. curriculum provided by SPP and a rigorous Chinese language, culture, and history curriculum provided by the Second High School Attached to Yantai Aihua Bilingual School.