Welcome to Saint Paul Daechi Academy. Nacel Education (NE) has been expanding its international education system since 2003. Based on this model, nineteen international schools, private academies and Specialized Educational programs have been established around the world in China, Vietnam, Philippines, France, Poland, Botswana, Japan, Taiwan and of course, Korea. Nacel International School System (NISS) has been established to manage and develop each school and academy so that we provide a consistent and quality-oriented education.

The mission of Saint Paul is to prepare students for professional success in the global community. Saint Paul's unique internationally-focused curriculum equips students to become culturally literate by developing critical thinking skills and communication skills, as they gain a strong sense of personal and social responsibility. This mission is what drives us to work tirelessly to assure an exceptional education to students. All staff will work to assure student success for their futures. Academic excellence is at the heart of what we do, and we challenge all students to achieve their best through the provision of high-quality teaching in a stimulating environment. The goal is to develop future leaders and to cultivate students' preparation for college admission.

I encourage you to contact us and visit our new facility located in the south of the river which will be the new home of Saint Paul Academy, Seoul, Korea. We invite you to see our facilities, meet our new headmaster and teachers so that you will come to the conclusion that Saint Paul Daechi Academy is a worthwhile investment in your child's future.